Sardegna in Trenino Verde
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Wonders of Gallura
Trenino Verde (Green Train) & Boat from Arzachena to Tempio Pausania
Once at the Arzachena railway station, you can attend the ceramic workshop, before (at 9.40) the whistle of the old locomotive calls you to board the Breda carriages, which for about 100 years have rattled on the "narrow gauge" line, built during the social and industrial revolution, which from the mid-nineteenth century also overwhelmed the autarchic Gallura. From the windows, between granitic mamelons and the green of the cork oak woods, still today you can see the cussorgie and the stazzi, the common thread of the agro-pastoral history of these places. We will encounter the stations of Caldosa, Capichera and Oddastru before reaching S.Antonio di Gallura and finally the stop at the Liscia lake. The romantic ferry will be waiting for us, with which we can sail the Liscia lake. We will talk about the Liscesi (inhabitants of the Liscia valley) and the birth of the Costa Smeralda, while admiring the beautiful landscape. Landed on the opposite shore, after a stretch of road (+/- 600m) we will see the famous millenary olive trees of Luras (S'Ozzastru de Santu Baltolu), and we will restore ourselves with the food tasting, under the shade of the olive grove, set in a panoramic position on the lake. In the early afternoon we will move with the GT bus to the pre-Nuragic archaeological area (5,000 years old) with the Dolmens "Ladas" and "Ciuledda". Again by bus to reach Tempio Pausania. A short itinerary through alleys of the "City of Stone" (Vittorio Emanuele I in 1833), squares and churches, up to the Railway Station (with the "Liberty Style" paintings by Giuseppe Biasi, 1931) and the adjacent Railway Repair-shops of the Palau-Sassari-Alghero lines (which remained enchanted in the early ‘30s, are a museum and the machinery is still working). It’s 16:00  and the Little green train experience starts again, on board of a different convoy. In fact, it will be the 1958 Ade railcar that will lead us back to the tracks. First in Nuchis, then Luras-Calangianus, narrating the legendary “Muto di Gallura” - Bastiano Tansu, who lived in hiding during the blood feud between Vasa and Mamia families, before being unveiled to the world by Costa in 1884 and brought back to a third public life by the success of the film of the same title (2022).  We will reach Liscia lake with a spectacular passage over the bridge, then to the Sant’Antonio di Gallura station and then to Arzachena. 18:20 -  the adventure is over, we are happy and full of experiences and stories to tell.

The service includes:
  • Ceramics workshop
  • Tickets for the Little Green Train outward (Locomotive and Carriages Breda 1930) and return (Automotrice ADe 1958)
  • Ticket for the Ferry Tour on Liscia Lake
  • Tourist Guide Service for explanations on board the little trains, the ferry and all the places visited
  • All access charges, including the visits to the Millennial Olivastri “de Santu Balzolu”, the Dolmens “Ladas” and “Ciuledda”, the Railway Stations (including Tempio Pausania station) and the Railway Repair-shops.
  • Food tasting at lunchtime (cold cuts and cheeses on the cutting board, bread, water, wine and coffee)
  • Insurance coverage of our Tour Operator for the organization of the Experience

Viale Sant'Avendrace 289 Cagliari (CA)
mobile: (+39) 3453450125

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