Sardegna in Trenino Verde
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…across Sarcidano, up to Laconi
by Trenino Verde (Green Train) from Mandas to Laconi
This journey explores  the Sarcidano area, from Mandas and Serri, towards Laconi, passing through Isili and Nurallao. At Mandas station, having boarded the historic V2D carriages from the 1930s with your Tour Guide, you can begin your journey on the Little Green Train.

We set out slowly, in a splendid sub-mountain landscape, where you can best admire the variegated flowers and shrubs of the Mediterranean scrub. Not long after departure, the long stop at the Isili station, the longest after the one in Laconi, allows you to visit the Nuraghe Is Paras, testimony along the line of that Nuragic civilization that homo sapiens  cultivated here over three thousand years ago. Moving north,  we will come across the viaducts and tunnels that allowed us to overcome the ancient valley, now transformed into the lake of Is Barroccus, with its islands, once hills. On one of these the country church of S. Sebastiano still appears, today only reachable by boat.
From Nurallao to Laconi, the tracks deviate significantly from the areas crossed by the asphalt roads, seeking the lowest gradients to climb over these wooded mountains. The railway makes it way through the woods and reaches the Laconi station which is located in the upper part of the town and which immediately appears fascinating and captivating. From here we will head towards the Park, where we will find many surprises. From the much-photographed waterfalls, to the lake, to the walls of the castle of the family that gave it its name. A fragrant, well-kept and highly photographed garden.
What next !  A mouthwatering pleasant lunch based on local products awaits us that will satisfy our appetite and awaken our tastebud senses.
After lunch, a visit to this old village offers the atmosphere of serenity that existed in the life of Saint Ignatius, of which we will see both the imposing sanctuary and the humble and graceful house in which he was born. The visit to the Menhir Museum will be a personal and optional choice.
In the afternoon we will make our way back  towards  the Green Train and start the journey towards Mandas, where we arrive at 6.30pm. On this return journey we will impact a completely different atmosphere of fading  lights, an explosion of different colours  and intensity, that will inspire and create the  desire to take new photographic shots, in a moment of greater relaxation, satisfaction and fulfilment.

Viale Sant'Avendrace 289 Cagliari (CA)
mobile: (+39) 3453450125

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