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Sardegna in Trenino Verde
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…From Sarcidano to Barbagia, Seui
in Bus & Trenino Verde (Green Train) from Mandas to Seui

Up to Ogliastra, through Sarcidano and Barbagia of Seulo, by bus and green train. At 09:30, we meet in Mandas at the Trenino Verde station. Departure by air-conditioned GT bus (60Km total distance) and return at 19:30 by train (58Km total distance).
Shortly after leaving the road that goes parallel to the tracks, we turn towards Serri and Isili. The road descends to the valley, among gentle hills, sometimes flat at the top like the “Giara”. Here, the crops change colors as the months go by: from shades of green to yellow and brown. Shortly after Isili, we cross the bridges over the Is Barroccus lake, with the ancient "Campidano" railway station on the right and the islet with the church of San Sebastiano on the left, to stop briefly for a photo. We leave again along the plateau, to arrive shortly after at the large archaeological area of the Nuraghe Adoni (over 3,500 years old), built on top of a limestone hill at an altitude of 800 meters and we can enjoy of a breathtaking sight from Gennargentu mountain to the Sette Fratelli. Let’s leave again, the show continues.
Descending from above towards the lake at Medio Flumendosa, we will admire it in all its length. Another short photo stop by the lake and then we begin the discovery of the Barbagia of Seulo. The woods become regular and the "Fustaie", the fruit of coppice crops, offer to us a play of shadows. We will pass the territories of Esterzili and Sadali. We will arrive in Seui before lunch. A short walk to the eating point will allow us to see a first part of the historic center characterized by dark schist, with veins of white quartz and also allow us to talk about the "Fund'è Corongiu" Anthracite Mine, in front of the mining shovels and vintage images. Local products tasting, good bread, water and wine will await us. Shortly after, we will set off towards our little green train, that will wait for us at the station. We will come across wooden portals, small gardens where you can discover flowers and ancient vegetables, fountains, old-fashioned wash rooms and the buildings of the Museum Route of Seui. At the station, we will talk about "sleepers" and "screws", "exchangers", "stations" and "rolling stock".
Before 15:00 the green train whistles, puffs and leaves, with us on board. Among chestnut groves, old vineyards and holm oak woods, we will pass the rail yard of the old mine and reach the Sadali station and then Esterzili and Betilli stations. Here, where the "Borgo dei Carbonai" (Hamlet of Coal miners) lies with its mill and its thick woods, we will have a coffee. Back on the train, we will soon arrive at the famous "punitive" station of Palarana (n ° 73), only accessible by train, located between two sheltered tunnels, that allows you to enjoy the panoramic view over the lake of the Medio Flumendosa. We will stop by and visit it and we will discover the railway tunnels. We will leave shortly after along the lake, where we'll find Villanova Tulo station, and after going up the valley of Garullo, we will reach Orroli station.
At 19:30, you will be in Mandas, the green train will have offered you new views and a new travel experience.
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